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The success of a tract of land can be dependent on many factors. One crucial factor that can help ensure success is the proper management of the land and timber. The first step toward the successful management of your Georgia mountain real estate is planning for a correct balance of recreation, resource management, and habitat preservation.


Our team of brokers and network of professional foresters work closely with clients to devise management plans that meet the goals and objectives defined. Plans can be designed to maximize timber revenues, provide recreational opportunities, plan for future development, improve wildlife habitat, or integrate all these goals. The plans developed at Southern Heritage Land have flexibility built in. This way, if a client's objectives change, the management practices can be adjusted.


Once a solid management plan is developed, through collaboration from the landowner and the professional forester, the activities are carried out to improve the tract characteristics. Our experienced team will schedule and efficiently carry out these activities from forestry investment analysis to reforestation recommendations and planning.

Inspection and Evaluation

Periodic inspections of timberland property are necessary to assess conditions. These inspections can be beneficial to landowners to help monitor their land and see how insects, disease, and storm damage may be affecting their property. Customized inspections can be done to address the landowner's specific needs.

Complete Forestry Management Services

Our network of foresters and wildlife biologists are experienced in all areas of forestry management. They can help landowners determine the best short and long-term options to protect, sell, or develop their land, as well as the following services:

• Marketing of Forest Products
• Timber & Forest Lands Appraisal
• Industrial Site Selection
• Harvest Plans for Environmentally Sensitive Areas
• Streamside Management Zone Layout
• Aesthetic Management Zone Layout
• Bringing Timber and Forest Land Buyers and Sellers Together
• Wood Sourcing for Timber Users
• Ad Valorem Tax Investigations
• Forestry Investment Analysis
• Reforestation Recommendations and Planning
• Forest Insect and Disease Surveys with Casualty Loss Estimates
• Establishing Timber Cost Basis for Income Tax Purposes
• Management of Industrial and Natural Resource Projects
• Assessing Timberland Investment Opportunities

If you are searching for the best options for your property, contact our team today. We can provide the answers you're searching for, whether you have land for sale in Georgia or have bought Georgia mountain real estate.


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