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When developing land for commercial or residential use, the ability to anticipate market trends is critical. The professionals at Southern Heritage Land Company Inc. have the concrete understanding of job growth trends and shifting demographics necessary to accurately forecast the need for land development.

That's why the experts at Southern Heritage Land Company, Inc. help direct every aspect of a project from site selection and land brokerage, to government approvals and development. Whether you're searching for Georgia mountain real estate to develop or prime commercial land for sale in North Carolina, our experts will ensure every step is handled with the professionalism that guarantees results.

Site Development

Our network of surveyers and engineers offer complete site development services. When a client purchases Georgia land, they will coordinate and review the preparation of that property. Some areas of their expertise include site selection, layout and design, building configuration, and traffic analysis. They are also experts in:

• Zoning approval and government permitting
• Right-of-way analysis
• D.O.T. permitting and approval

Project Development

When developing your Georgia mountain real estate or Georgia farm land, Southern Heritage Land Company Inc. can help ensure the project proceeds smoothly.

Our brokers and their development team can coordinate and manage the architect and other design professionals. To help you proceed in the most cost-effective manner, we also coordinate the construction contract bidding or negotiating, and then identify, interview, and recommend the most suitable project team.

Construction Phase

During the construction phase, the professionals at Southern Heritage Land Company work to eliminate complications before they happen. We can continuously monitor the construction process including:

• reviewing the monthly progress
• verifying invoices
• monitoring the use of funds

We manage construction projects of Georgia mountain real estate, always with the goal of limiting unforeseen complications.


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