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Land, Forest, Timber, & Wildlife Management Services

Southern Heritage Land Company Inc. (SHLC) is a full service real estate company that specializes in land acquisition and sales, but also offers investors a complete range of land, forestry, timber and wildlife services.

SHLC specializes in brokering any type of property for clients with many different investment goals, strategies, wants, and desires.

The Forest Lands, Forestry, and Wildlife Team at SHLC is made up of professionals who have many years experience in their fields and expertise in all areas of real estate, forest lands, forestry, timber, and issues related to wildlife habitat management which gives SHLC the ability to be a “One Stop Shop” service organization for our clients. SHLC can provide the Forest Lands, Forestry, Wildlife, and other special services for our clients with the team of SHLC’s professionals that consist of:
  1. Five Professional Foresters who are Licensed and Registered and cover the states of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Alabama.
  2. A Professional Forester who has 30 years experience specializing in Conservation Easements, Environmentally Sensitive Tracts, and Land Exchanges between government agencies and private landowners
  3. Professional Foresters with expertise in designing, setting up, and administrating Stream bank and Wetland Mitigation Banks.
  4. A Georgia General Certified Real Estate Appraiser who has over 30 years of experience in real estate appraisals and a Certified Real Estate Appraiser in Alabama and Mississippi with over 27 years experience in farm and land appraisals
  5. A Land surveyor registered in Georgia and South Carolina
  6. Professional foresters who are Quality Vegetative Management Certified Advisors who consult with clients on herbicide planning using "environmentally friendly" chemical applications to control undesirable plants in forested tracts.
  7. A nationally known and recognized, Professional Wildlife Biologist, who offers clients a complete range of wildlife consulting services on their lands including wildlife habitat management.
  8. Access to Pilots and Aircraft that gives SHLC the ability to offer aerial observation of properties for quick evaluation of timber, and disease/insect problems

Forest Lands, Forestry, Wildlife, and other special services that our professional team at SHLC can provide clients include:

Forest Land Brokerage
  • Broker transactions for a client's land purchases
  • Broker transactions for a client's land sales
  • Real Estate/Land Appraisals
  • Land Surveying
  • Consulting with clients and Administering 1031 tax deferred property exchanges
  • Real estate Investment consulting

Forest Management

  • Forestry timber sale planning and administration
  • Site Prep and Reforestation planning and implementation
  • Prescribed burns planning and implementation
  • Complete herbicide programs for control of undesirable species in forested stands
  • Road construction and Road maintenance
  • Planning, designing, and managing pond or lake construction
  • Planning, Scheduling, and Projecting timber revenue returns
  • Providing timber growth and yield data for timber investment decisions

Wildlife Management

  • Complete wildlife management programs
  • Deer and Turkey management plans
  • Quality Deer Management services and techniques
  • Food plot optimization
  • Forest management for wildlife habitat management programs
Special Services
  • Conservation easements - planning, implementation, and administration
  • Land Exchanges
  • Environmentally sensitive lands management
  • Stream Bank & Wetland Mitigation Banks

SHLC’s professional team offers a complete Forestry and Wildlife management package for investors who desire to own and enjoy forest land, but don’t have the time, the knowledge, expertise, or the desire to manage their forests and wildlife as it should be done. SHLC’s forestry and wildlife professionals will provide land, forestry, timber, and wildlife management plans and implement these plans, thus allowing the landowners the freedom to use and enjoy their investment and reap the benefits of land ownership without all of the hard work. The landowner will be able to hike, hunt, picnic, fish, relax, ride ATV’s, camp, and leave the forestry and wildlife management work to SHLC’s team of professionals who will create a productive, working forest that will maximize the owner’s financial and non-financial return on investment.

For more information about our services contact:
Frank M. Riley, Jr., CF
Registered Forester: Ga. #1419, SC #557, NC #1608, Al #Ga1419
P.O. Box 445
Hiawassee, Ga. 30546
Phone: Office 706-435-9902 Cell 706-897-1676 Fax 706-435-9904
Email: frankriley@brmemc.net


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